EUCO Summit - Europe's global influence under threat from MFF Revision

EU leaders discuss EU long-term budget 2021-2027 at the European Council Meeting 14-15/12/2023

Heads of States and Governments meet in Brussels between 14-15th December for the last regular European Council meeting of this year. On their agenda is, among others, the decision on the revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), the European long-term budget. In our complex global landscape, this decision will shape Europe’s international role.

While both the European Commission’s initial proposal and the European Parliament’s text call for increased funding under Heading 6 (Neighbourhood and the world) to address global challenges, the current proposal on the table threatens to significantly reduce funding for the partnership with the Global South, in particular Africa.

The plan suggests boosting Heading 6 by 7.6 billion EUR. Yet, 4.5 billion of this will merely be reallocated funds. Compared to the Commission’s idea of putting 10.5 billion in fresh money into Heading 6, this plan only brings in 3.1 billion in new funds. Furthermore, most of the redeployments will be shifted from the funds for Sub-Sahara Africa to the envelopes for the European neighbourhood and migration.

In times of pluri-crisis, this is not only hindering Europe’s global influence but especially threatens to jeopardise the EU’s role as a reliable partner in sustainable development for the African continent and beyond. I therefore strongly call on the European Leaders to defend Europe’s stand as a global actor and secure sufficient and consistent funding for our partnership with the Global South.